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Hi, Blair here with MXM. I want to talk to you a little bit about the free Reopen Feedback System and it's highest and best use. What we've done is we've set up sampling on that to get a lot of responses right away so that when you go into that incredibly real time reporting to see what's happening in your club, it's designed to get a lot of information real quick.

Those of you that work with us on a regular basis and know us, know that we're all about being active in the system and closing the loop as feedback comes in, we thank customers, we respond back to them etc. You don't need to do that with the Reopen System, we have language in there that says, because we are short staffed, we read all of these, but we may not be getting back to everyone. The reason for that has everything to do with understanding operations and understanding that a lot of us are short staffed and when you are taking in a lot of information all at once, that takes time and effort especially when suddenly you have 100's of pieces of feedback or more.

The highest and best use of this Reopen Feedback System is to get insights quickly as to what the customer (remember customers are coming in with a lot of trepidation and fears) loves and doesn't love so much, then you need to see that over time. This is now a dynamic process. The Shutdown Feedback System wasn't as dynamic, it was more static. You pull in the data, while you have the ship in dry dock so to speak, you can go scrape the barnacles off the hull, upgrade the paint and everything else while it's in dry dock and then take action. But now it's dynamic, people are coming in revisiting and you are going to have more and more visits each week so you need to see any erosion in that right away.

So, I want you to worry less about closing the loop, unless of course you want to and have that kind of manpower, because that's not what this is about, it's about rapid insights, get insights now and make changes then communicate those changes back to the customer. In essence, you are still closing the loop, it's just that you are closing it in "mass".

So when customers are saying hey, this is still pretty hard to do then you go fix that by doing something like recording a short video like this and getting it out via email to all your members or put it out on social media and place it on your website...that's really the highest and best use of the Reopen Feedback System.

If you are not using it, you should. The reporting is phenomenal in this. Hopefully this will encourage more of you to get involved. We have 100's of clubs already involved and over 30,000 pieces of feedback on that.

Hope your reopen is going fabulous, we just started doing personal training out doors, starting yesterday. Away we go!

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