Member Experience Is Today's Battleground

Gym operators are now faced with increased member cancellations,
frozen memberships, and stiff competition.

We want to help you WIN this fight.

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"As the CEO and President of MXM, I spend hours each week talking to other gym operators about what they do, what I'm doing as a gym owner, and how the hell it's all working. I am pretty sure you would like to get in on those insights! Am I right?

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Blair McHaney, 
CEO & President of MXM
Blair McHaney, 
CEO & President of MXM

Over 700 Health Clubs Depend On The MXM Platform To Help Them Achieve Customer Experience Excellence.

Discover Your Member's Customer Experience Journey

Engage your members and discover their customer service journey. Reach them before and after meaningful interactions with your health club. 
Gain valuable insights by surveying your members.
Anticipate Your Customers Needs

A.I. & Machine Learning Will Help You To Discover Your Member's Needs 

Once you have engaged your members and gathered valuable feedback, the MXM Platform's A.I. and Machine Learning can help you to discover patterns and identify risks and opportunities. 

Create Exceptional Member Experiences

Knowledge is power. With your member feedback and pattern recognition from MXM's powerful A.I. and Machine Learning, you will be empowered to make changes by department or facility wide, that will create exceptional member experiences.
Transform Customer Experiences
The best way to learn more about how the Member Experience Management Platform can transform your club is by experiencing it for yourself. 

Our customers say it best.

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