Meet Our Team

How do I help our customers create loyalty with theirs?
I help our customers by providing timely support and help them to get the answers they need any time they have questions. Our team is focused on providing stellar customer experiences so our customers can focus on doing the same for theirs.

How do I like to spend my time outside of MXM?
I love to play with my family and four-legged animals! From playing in the snow on skis (both alpine and XC) to rafting whitewater down the rivers, hiking, riding horses, biking and swimming in beautiful Lake Chelan are some of my favorite past times.


Manager & Customer Support
Wenatchee, WA.

How do I help our customers create loyalty with theirs?
After over 18 years as GM for 2 successful (NPS) clubs, I bring that knowledge and experience to our customers. Our passion for the fitness business is shared with all of our customers and we take pride in helping their members experience fitness in a business that is friendly, clean, and where the member is number one.

How do I like to spend my time outside of MXM?
I love spending time with my kids as much as possible. My hubs and I enjoy the outdoors (his passion is anything involving a motor, mine is anything that requires muscle & lung power) by taking Moto on hikes, playing on the river, just being outside and of course working out and trying to stay on top of the MyZone leaderboard.


VP of Customer Loyalty
Wenatchee, WA.

How do I help our customers create loyalty with theirs?
I am a tech enthusiast with a degree in architecture, lots of experience in the graphics and animation field, and love to problem solve. I joined the MXM team in 2018 and assist with platform support, data coordination and overall system improvements. 

How do I like to spend my time outside of MXM?
I love spending time with my wife, my daughter, & our cat. We love just being outdoors and enjoying this amazing valley.


Program Solutions
Wenatchee, WA.

How Do I help our customers create loyalty with theirs? I am passionate about empowering our customers to improve the member experience. The ultimate goal is to make the experience in fitness the best it can possibly be so that more people find themselves looking forward to moving more, feeling better and having more fun!

How do I like to spend my time outside of MXM?
I enjoy live music, trivia and theatre. I also find joy in walking my dog and trying to keep up with my three 17-year-old daughters.


Program Solutions Director
Wenatchee, WA.
I am back at MXM after a couple of years in the produce business selling Apples, Pears and Cherries. I worked as the Walmart & Sam's Club account manager at Stemilt Growers. At MXM I will be working with Jenny providing customer support and project management. I live in Leavenworth, WA with my wife and three children. Favorite activities include skiing, mountain biking, and adventures with my family. It's great to be back!!!


Customer Success Expert
Wenatchee, WA

I’m excited to be joining the MXM team and having the opportunity to learn from proven leaders in the Member Experience space. This new role actually brings me back to my fitness industry roots, where my first job was working front desk and slinging protein shakes at our Worx Wenatchee clubs. My wife and I currently live in the Seattle area, but are both Wenatchee natives and look forward to spending more time back in our hometown. I grew up surrounded by small business owners and recognized from an early age the importance overall customer experience has on a company’s long term success. I look forward to bringing my finance and strategy background to the growing MXM team and making my impact in defeating member experience mediocrity.


Director of Finance
Wenatchee, WA

I’m more than ecstatic to be a part of the growing MXM family! After over 12 years in the Member Management Software portion of the Fitness Industry and getting to know the MXM leadership team, I’m so happy to be a part of this team and continue to be a part of such an impactful organization. There is so much value in understanding your members and taking actions to make sure they are taken care of. Looking forward to helping Defeat Mediocrity!

I live in Denver, CO with my amazing wife and 2 little ladies! Anyone who knows me, knows my world revolves around my family and that my daughters have me wrapped around their fingers! I love pretty much anything outdoors and sports related, especially Tennis, Golf, Football, Hockey, Martial Arts, Fishing, Snowmobiling and Ice Fishing.


Head of Major Accounts

How do I help our customers create loyalty with theirs?
As Director of Human Emotions, I focus my daily activities around reminding everyone not to take themselves too seriously and that when the stress is high, and the Teams’ minds are starting to seize-up, the best thing they can do is to play…with me. In fact, the reason you all get such good service is because I am here working so hard to keep the team smiling.

How do I like to spend my time outside of MXM?
Roll in all that white cold stuff on the ground in winter – or the brown gooey stuff by the water, well… I just like to roll in stuff. Chase things. Play with my coyote friends. I am also working on a genetic project that would allow me to grow an opposable thumb…then I will never get locked in the house again.


Director of Human Emotions

"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." 

– Charles Darwin

Engage Members. Get Referrals.

Your members love to be heard. MXM provides the tools to listen. In fact, members who provide feedback are far more likely to recommend your business to others.
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