Top 4 Reasons You Must Use MXM's Free Shutdown Survey

We are making all of our free products available to any organization in the fitness industry. Whether you have one club or 1000 clubs, you can benefit from the data and feedback you will rapidly receive during and after the shutdown. We have made this free, easy to execute, and we make sure you have full control. The reporting is intuitive and expressive and will give you benchmarks that you will never ever again be able to collect. You need to start now.

You MUST have member voice and attitudes to determine the best, and highest value, path forward

This shut down presents a once in a lifetime opportunity that no one should pass up. Understanding your members attitudes, fears, and what they care about most before coming back in is critical for optimizing your downtime.  This is data you may never ever in your lifetime have the opportunity to collect again. Or at least I hope so.  It is unique in its nature because of the size of the crisis, the impact on the daily lives of ALL your members, and their level of concern about life post-shutdown.  In other words, how you act from this data will bring exponentially higher value to the members and to your broader marketplace.  

There are four COVID-19 themes that need addressing  

We know from looking at all of the feedback and data what is most important to members about club operations relative to COVID-19. Member expectations will never be the same.  How you communicate about what you’re doing around these 4 themes, both in word and in action, will shape your brand from here on. 

The Four Themes: 

  1. How well you are following expert advice for cleaning and sanitizing
  2. How easy you make it for members to clean and sanitize equipment before and after usage
  3. How easy you make it for members to sanitize their hands
  4. How you handled their membership going into the shutdown

These are important to understand NOW.  Once you open, these themes will carry through and the fourth one will shift.  We already prepared and we will supply you with our Healthy Club Survey System once you reopen – FOR FREE.  

Crisis enhances contrast 

Member centric club operators are handling the shutdown differently than purely sales driven operators. The member centric operators are quickly shifting from survival mode to optimizing the downtime.  All club operators are in a race to act in the members’ best interest in ways that can be seen, felt and experienced both during the shutdown and as clubs reopen. The contrast between the mediocre and the great will become much more harsh, and the customer will vote the winners. 

This is similar to the financial crisis that began in 2008. Many companies were experiencing an existential threat. They knew that business for them would never be the same and that they had to put the customer at the center of their decision making quickly. The companies that acted first and fast won.  

A powerful communication around your commitment

Communication exists in everything you do as a company. Engaging members into a dialogue by asking for their feedback is a powerful communication in and of itself. When you ask their opinion about how you did in the four key areas where they have the most concern, you are demonstrating your commitment to them. When you ask about their confidence in being able to maintain an exercise program during the shutdown you demonstrate that your company is “on purpose.”  When you understand the likelihood of their return to your club post-shutdown, you have leading indicators of what your “bounce rate” will be when you reopen.

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