The Member Experience Management Platform

Imagine a system that makes it easy to track all your members’ experiences and feedback. A system that, instead of generating reports, offers real time analytics tailored to every person in your organization — from the C-suite through to the frontline. A system that makes sure that everyone knows exactly what they need to do to improve the member experience.  A system that’ll make your members love your business.

We will help you...

Improve member retention.

Get leading indications of trouble ahead.

Reduce member acquisition cost.

Improve relationship capital.

Identify coaching opportunities where staff falls short.

Discover areas of competitive advantage.

Reward and recognize staff for excellence.

Track the impact of changes you make.

Increase profits.

Benchmark your performance against other clubs.

See what's important at a glance.

MXM's compelling, intuitive format promotes situational awareness and helps you get things done by surfacing important trends and exceptions. Easily drill-down with just a couple of clicks. It should be simple to find the data you want. We make it easy.

Now What?

It's time to employ an Operational Member Experience Management system (OMEM)! Use MXM to capture feedback from all your members. Then watch as that data transforms into actionable insights. It will take your whole team to improve the member experience so give them the information they need. MXM can deliver it.


MXM delivers the data to focus effort on creating spectacular member experiences.
Every day MXM captures feedback that systematically engages everyone: your customers, your frontline, and your leadership.
MXM helps build loyal customers, loyal customers bring friends, loyal customers stay longer, loyal customers spend more money, and loyal customers say great things about you even after they leave.


Web-based surveys with email invitations and reminders.
Fully optimized for mobile.
Quick response rates and feedback delivered when you want it.
In English, Spanish, Portuguese, & French.


Flags at-risk customer relationships.
Generates alerts.
Sends email notifications.
Drives improvement in alert resolution.
Effectively handles customer complaints.

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