Product Features

MXMetrics provides you with the tools to proactively capture feedback in every touchpoint of the member journey. 
Get Real-Time Feedback
Analyze Member Sentiment
Identify Key Problems
Stay Ahead of the Competition

Get Real-Time Feedback

Gather highly actionable feedback in a way members can appreciate

  • Invitations triggered automatically – no work for operators
  • Surveys personalized to your clubs – your brand and contacts
  • Triggered by check-ins or other engagement
  • Spread out so you get a workable number of responses per day
  • Smart Sampling rules at a cadence that makes sense
  • Mobile-friendly display that works great for on-the-run access

Complete Solution to Read and Reply

  • See all feedback and reply from within the system
  • See key member profile data along with their feedback – gender, age, tenure, spend level, engagement, etc.
  • Pre-populated response templates
  • Ability to assign to more relevant colleagues
  • Track issues as “cases” through their final resolution
  • Read and respond on the go with mobile app

Dashboard Designed by Operators FOR Operators

  • Quick view of your company's performance
  • Up-to-date feedback and key top KPI’s
  • NPS score trend
  • Key metrics – overall staff friendliness, front desk friendliness, equipment condition, fitness results

Analyze Member Sentiment

Truly useful views of all your scores

  • Color-coded bar charts for each dimension
  • “Drill into” any score to see the actual responses
  • Look at these distributions for any segment of your member population
  • Export data for other analysis

Text Analytics Reveals Key Themes & Sentiment

  • Go beyond simple keyword identification to identify the themes and sentiment within your member feedback
  • Sort through thousands of comments to identify the most meaningful insights from your members
  • Understand what your members love and what they don't
  • Use advanced AI-based Machine Learning to automatically identify emerging themes

Crazy Powerful, Yet Easy, Filtering Shows Results for Any and All Segments

  • Our un-flashy super-power - the ability to filter by any combination of member dimensions, both member profile data from your MMS and response data, with results appearing in under a second
  • Lets you find key subsegments for sales & marketing outreach
  • Shows you how key member segments feel
  • Explore your data at the speed of thought
  • Filters apply to all other reporting views, so you see those insights for every segment

Identify Key Problems

Regression-based Key Driver Analytics

  • Shows which performance factors are Key Strengths and Weaknesses based on how much they drive Member Loyalty
  • Separates out low-score factors that don’t have much impact
  • Enables your team to focus improvement efforts on the factors that matter most

Shows Your Most Important Problems

  • The survey asks “have you had a problem”
  • If ”yes”, the member is prompted to share more details
  • Reporting shows you the distribution and enables you to drill in to drive improvements
  • Also view for any member segment

Member Sentiment Insights that Helps You Improve the Member Journey

  • Identifies member experience with each key journey they go through, as they use your club
  • Drill into key insights that show you how to improve each journey and overall loyalty

Stay Ahead of the Competition

See How Each of Your Clubs Compare To Local Rivals on Google & Facebook

  • Automatically pulls in reviews for your club AND local competitors
  • Measures the performance of your club
  • Displays the results of your key competitors
  • Enables you to track, drill down, and improve process & experience

Generate Reviews and Leads By Asking The Right Way At the Right Time

  • Prompt respondents to leave you reviews
  • One company increased review volume 7X
  • Asks all members to provide a referral to a friend
  • Many clubs generate dozens of extremely high quality leads per month

Easy & Powerful Mobile App For Both Viewing and Engaging With Member Feedback

  • Want to see your latest NPS score? It’s on the app
  • Want to see recent satisfaction for a particular club? It’s on the app
  • Want to see where any club ranks? It’s on the app
  • Want to find positive feedback to send to a staff member before a visit? You’ll find it on the app
  • Want to reply to member feedback without logging in on your main computer? You can Read and Reply right from the app.
2021 Fit-C Innovation Awards

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