5 Key Improvements Needed To Reopen


Hi there. Blair here with MXM. In looking at the thousands and thousands of comments coming in from the 100’s of clubs using our shutdown survey, there are five key areas in which every club must improve in the eyes of the customers. I’ll just hit the wavetops on those five in this video. Then in the next videos, I’ll dig into some of the tactics we’re seeing. Keep this in mind. Everybody should probably adopt this strategy, but the tactics will only be seen when you start to get the voice of customer coming in. It’s all your customers that can tell you where the gap is in each of these strategic points.

So, the five are, number one: every club must make every member an extension of housekeeping. That’s number one. Every member is accountable and responsible for cleaning up equipment after using it.

Two, every employee must work on being a compliance ambassador in order to help hold every member accountable. Seeing a member not clean off equipment is going to be a bad reaction for other members. Seeing an employee watch member not clean off equipment and not correct them is going to be a worse behavior. So that’s the first two.

Number three, in order to make number one work, number three…whatever member facing tools you are going to deploy in order to help every member be an extension of housekeeping, must be broadly distributed and super easy to get to. Now that’s easy for me to say, and you could say well let’s put out a bunch more bottles…maybe, but you really need voice of customer to explain to you what’s happening out on the floor right now. Especially those people that might score you low on the ease of cleaning and sanitizing. That’s number three.

Number four is you must make it very easy to sanitize hands. It has to be broadly distributed. If you are using the new sanitizers, some that kill for four hours, that has to be very well communicated and, in a spot, that everyone uses it at check in.

Number five, you must follow expert advice and best practices, communicate that through voice and demonstrate it daily in your actions.

So there is your five strategic points. One, every member an extension of housekeeping, every staff member helps hold members accountable on a very pleasant and customer centric way. Number three, cleaning and sanitizing tools must be broadly distributed throughout the club. Number four, hand sanitizing must be super easy and broadly distributed throughout the club. Number five is you must communicate and communicate often through both voice and action.

That’s it, I’m going to dig into some of the tactics that we’re using and that we’re hearing others use in each of those five topics in the next five videos. Remember that comes from getting your own voice of customer, saying hey, we found this gap, here is what we did about it. Most valuable asset right now and ongoing is going to be your voice of customer. We’re here for you. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe. Take care.

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