Strategy #4: Get That Hand Sanitizer Everywhere!


Hi there. Blair here with MXM and this is the fourth on five parts on some of the strategies that we see coming out of the shutdown survey. We have almost 50,000 responses in there right now so it’s extremely compelling data.

So we talked about five strategies. The first three we went through are, and remember these are strategic directions so what I want you to think of is, this is sort of the problem to solve and how you go about solving that problem depends on your own data and what’s happening in your own club. So the first problem to solve was making every member an extension of housekeeping and everybody is kind of doing the right thing in cleaning and sanitizing. Second problem to solve was in order for number one to work, how do we get all of our team members to be compliance ambassadors and maintain our staff friendliness of course. Third problem to solve, we need to have, whatever we are going to have the members use to clean and sanitize, broadly distributed, it doesn’t matter if it’s wipes or bottles, whatever it is, and depending on what you are using now, might not be what’s in the members minds as far as their expectations. That’s why it’s so important to do the shutdown survey.

The fourth one is that you have to broadly distribute hand sanitizer. So until more people are aware of the technology around hand sanitizing, (they can actually kill for much longer terms), remember people might be more comfortable with spray bottles if they can sanitize their hands immediately afterwards. So when we say hand sanitizing must also be broadly distributed so that members find it extremely easy to sanitize their hands, you’ll probably conjure up some pictures in your head like hand sanitizers all over the place, yes, that’s probably a good idea. I do think the stand up hand sanitizers are going to serve a unique purpose. You can move those around and see where they get the most use. You can put those on the outside of the club so they can be used on the way in. And also, right inside the door so they can sanitize on their way out. You can also strategically place them throughout the floors. What if people had their own little bottles of hand sanitizers and a carabiner and they hooked it on whatever, like their shoe or something. But I want you to be creative in thinking about the ways to broadly distribute the ability for members to sanitize their hands.

That’s it, that’s the fourth one in this five part series. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe and you should be doing the free shutdown survey and getting ready to reopen and then using our free Healthy Club Survey which is coming soon.

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