Journey Mapping (Don't Just Use A Whiteboard)


Hi, Blair here with MXM. I hear a lot of people talking about doing their member journey maps. I am so glad to hear that. Everybody should be doing member journey maps. And by the way, right now we’re talking about that through physical space but there is also the digital journey and all of us should be using our own products in that way to find out if they actually work like we think they do. When you are doing the physical journey mapping, don’t just do that from a room on a whiteboard. Use people, I mean, walk through the eyes of your member, take on different personas, the mom coming in with kids for the first time, the 75 year old coming in for the first time and then what I want you to do is be really intent on what that persona experiences from the parking lot all the way in to wherever they normally participate in at the club. And think about how different things made you feel during that. Maybe the first time you came up to the door and each time you have a feeling that might be not positive, any feeling, write down how it made you feel and then write down what questions did that bring up. So for example, that makes me feel a little bit trepidatious because I don’t know how they sanitize. The question that comes up is what their sanitizing processes are, what kind of products do they use. I wonder when was the last time that was cleaned… Do that through the entire journey then go back and revisit those questions and see if you can answer those questions before anybody comes in.

It won’t just be around the cleaning sanitizing, you might discover a lot of things in your club. I really encourage you to do member journey mapping, think about how it made you feel, write down what questions arose and then see if you can answer those questions and you might find also, a lot of business process hides behind that. In the meantime, stay distant, stay active, and stay safe. 

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