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Hi there, Blair here with MXM. I want to talk about Best Practices and Next Practices. During this shutdown, there has been phenomenal, light speed learning across our industry and a lot of that has come from these clubs that use the Shutdown Feedback System and gotten insights. In those 150K+ insights which have been broadcast by our webinars and our customers webinars who are also talking about the changes; we set up a five point strategy for customers to follow. Pretty soon that information permeates the industry and right now, I look out on our floor and I see what I would definitely define as best practices as we are going into a reopen here soon.

I want you to think about how many people took advantage of best practices....a lot. Best practices which we know work, they spread like wildfire and they can be copied quickly and the life cycle of the resulting innovation is very short. Those of you that are going to thrive in this new world are going to constantly be looking for Next Practices. Best practices become common, Next Practices are those innovations that you need to find by looking for the opportunities and the challenges around your membership base so that you can design for the Next Practices.

I know that the stuff that we're doing right now isn't going to stay the same. It will change and it will probably change in the first week. It will certainly by next year, we'll look back at this and say, wow, can't believe we did it that way. A lot of people will still be doing the same thing. They'll be doing the same thing because they won't have the voice of customer constantly coming in where they can then design for a better experience and consistently be pushing next practices. That's what a great operational member experience management experience should be doing....driving next practices.

That's it, I hope you reopen is going fabulous or is about to go fabulous or depending on where you are you may still be looking at another month or so. Until the next one, take care.

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