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Blair here with MXM and I want to try and give you some easy and inexpensive ideas for improving the member experience and soon, I'll introduce you to our Member Experience Manual.

This here is a card from our Club with our Logo on it that is blank on the inside. We teach a lot about what we call Memorable Moments and how they range from every day to over the top Memorable Moments and then how to look for the opportunities to create these memorable moments. That's what these cards are for. They are M&M Cards.

They are always available in every department. What we encourage them to do is to notice anything during the week that might be memorable about a member, hand write them a note, put it in the envelope, hand address it, put a stamp on it and then the GM mails them all that evening or the next day.

Examples of how our staff uses these continually is with our Kids Club staff. They'll send these out when kids are sick and not coming in and give them a reminder of how much they are missed. The parent gets to read this card from the Kids Club staff. I did 8 of these myself the other day to thank 8 of our very gracious members for their time on a project we did.

What we found is that we go through 100's of these a month. Each manager is required to do two a week but what we found is that our managers tend to write these to other staff members as well as members. We don't require our core staff to do these, but we do encourage them to do it.

Every single day, when we are open, there's a stack of these cards that go out. We think it's one of the easiest, inexpensive and heartfelt touchpoint that a member can receive.

Sometimes it's a condolences card, sometimes it's a congratulations card, sometimes it's just a "Hey, saw you today, noticed you've been coming here for 15 years and just wanted to say thank you and we really appreciate you." It's that simple. You coach people on how to do them but don't worry about spelling or grammar just let them be themselves when they do it.

That's Tip #1, we'll give you some more and I'll start to introduce you to our Member Experience Manual in the next video. Hope your reopen is going great! Until the next one!

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