Freedom to Challenge Process, Policy or System


Hi, Blair here with MXM and I've been going through our Member Experience Manual. The reason I'm doing this comes from an article from about a month ago. Question was "what can you do to raise your Net Promoter Score?". I think you can focus on the experience and let the score kind of follow because a lot of people just work on raising their Net Promoter Score.

So I've started to talk about our Member Experience Manual which is in it's 5th edition and started about 15 years ago. It's the guidance that we give all front line employees and some of the logic we give them to use to make their own decisions on delivering great customer experience. I'm also working on our Freedoms and Obligations, we have 9 of them. I went over the first one already which was, "Feel free to do whatever is right to make the member happy." is the Freedom and the Obligation is, "Stay within our values and principles.".

Number two, "You are free to challenge any process, policy, or system.". "You are also obligated to work within any existing processes and systems." A manager can use these for coaching. For example, we are system oriented and let's say you have a system set up for how workouts with your training department are memorialized and put into a library and then reused. Let's say you have a system around that and you are hiring trainers and you hire a new trainer and they have their own system that they start to use but it doesn't contribute to the library pool. And you've trained already. You just pull them aside and go over the Number Two rule. If the trainer has a better way to do it, we will adopt it but you don't get to have your own systems, policies or processes.

What we are trying to do here is to get people to create incremental improvements to existing processes, policies, and systems. To be able to contribute their ideas and know that if it's good for the member, it's good for the business, it's good for the employee, we're going to adopt it. Sometimes it might cost too much or some times it might need to be budgeted for.

When you start to give Freedoms & Obligations you start to empower people. You empower people to improve the business, improve the member experience which is all about creating customer loyalty. There isn't anything in this manual that isn't about customer loyalty. We're happy to share this with people. I'll be rolling through the nine freedoms and obligations as we go.

I hope your reopen goes very well. Our free Reopen Feedback System is available to anybody in the industry, just go to , it's killing it. We have over 60,000 members responding in that already and the findings are already pretty stunning. The stark contrast between the 154,000 pieces of feedback we had at Shutdown and what's happening during the Reopen. Get out ahead of this. This is how you handle VUCA, Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. You have to have that voice of customer, see issues coming, create an agile organization, giving people freedom to move between guide-rails so that they can adjust and it becomes a winning formula for you. Until the next one. Stay safe and hope your Reopen goes very well.

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