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Hi, Blair here with MXM. We've been talking about our member experience manual. We got a few requests for it yesterday which is great. We'll be sending those out. Today, little different tact. Normally these videos are all about member experience and that but this one is more about reopening and a message.

I was very proud to see the letter go out by IRHSA with a lot of industry leaders on it. We have over 130 health clubs that had reopened. They had accumulated more than 3.4 million member visits up to June 30th. And they tracked 131 cases of COVID-19 in those 3.4 million member visits. If you do the math on that, it is just a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction. Remember that these clubs that are reporting are good actors. What health officials consider, good actors. They're less concerned about the good actors than they are about the bad actors who might be trying to skirt some of the precautions that clubs take.

Our hope is that the take away of those that signed that letter can help persuade all governor's to take another look at health clubs and to realize that health clubs are not causing nor are they spreading COVID-19.

The nature of a health club is that you can easily predict where people are. You can easily predict where they'll face, you can easily create social distancing. HVAC Systems are already built up in a health club because they are calculating the maximum occupancy and the number of bodies and air turnover. By the nature of our business model health clubs are so good at adapting a lot of these practices quickly, and I think our government officials would be pleasantly shocked if they see the play books that I have seen and the influence that all of your playbooks have had on my own clubs here in Wenatchee. I think officials would be shocked to see just how thorough we are.

I would say that our business model forces us to adapt. We are the originally subscription based business model. We are about recurring revenue and for us to not act that way is to sort of cut our own throats. We are not in a tourist place saying bring in the next batch of people on Friday night and through the weekend during our tourist season. We can't do that. We have to protect our members and we have to do it better than other industries.

So whoever watches this, I greatly encourage all officials to take another look at the real data on health clubs. Ask for the playbooks of the clubs that are in your area. Take a look at the precautions they are taking because it is above and beyond and I will say better than any other vertical, better than any other industry. Much better than any of the retail that I've walked into. And you all know that influencing helps, so here's to being a stronger influence to the authority that makes the decisions.

That's it for now. Hope you reopen soon if you are not already and if you are, just keep pressing along.

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