3 ROI Tools to Start the Thaw


Hi, Blair here with MXM. A couple things today. The Visits to Virus ratio data is being used effectively in a lot of states. More so in some than others, just depends on who you are talking to. We are going to close that out this Friday so that we have one number that the entire industry can use and it's not a moving target. We'd like to go over 20M checkins by Friday and we're pretty confident that we'll be able to do that. We are at about 16M checkins right now. That ratio stays well above 20,000 checkins for every instance of COVID that is called in. In other words, just the outbreaks that are not happening IN clubs, just called in. that's the first thing.

The second thing is lets get talking again about bouncing back and ROI. How are you going to get from 30% - 50% of revenue and climb higher and higher to 100% of revenue. What I'm hearing from a lot of clubs is that 25% - 30% of memberships are on a freeze. It's time we started thinking about what a thaw out campaign looks like. How are we going to thaw out those freezes and get them back in. If they haven't cancelled then they haven't made that over-calculation that it's always going to be too dangerous for them to come in so maybe there is an opportunity? I'll say that your voice of customer system....using that voice of customer system can be a huge help for getting ROI. A couple of things that we do, we have our Review Generator and we've shown that we can generate 7 times more reviews than not using the Review Generator. Those reviews will inevitably be biased much higher. No, we do not game it and send it to just promoters. The terms and conditions of every review site tell you that you can't do that and in this environment they are being even more diligent in watching that in order to shut those down.

Number two is Lead Generator. We've shown that you generate at least 1 incredibly solid lead per day by running our Lead Generator on the back end of the survey as somebody finishes it out. And we run that for everybody and it's quite customizable, it takes them to a landing page of choice. That's two major tips on building your ROI.

Here is another point I'd like to make: When you start looking at that voice of customer you are going to have customers that are saying great things about everything that you put in place during that shutdown. As you are creating your email campaigns, back to your people that are on freeze, I will contend that the most powerful thing you can do, certainly it's important to say, "here are all the things that we did", but...it would be much more powerful to be pulling out your voice of customer - maybe 2 - 3 comments from members on those key themes that the members sitting at home are worrying about and let the voice fo their fellow member speak to them as they are at home wondering if they should come back in. And if the voice of that member is saying, "this is the cleanest gym I've ever been in", "I appreciate everything that you've done to make sure that we are safe in here", or "I'm at risk yet I feel more safe here than I do any other place in town" etc. It's those pieces of information that should be in your, campaign that continuously go out to the freezes in order to get them thawed out.

These are three major ROI points. One, Review Generator; two, Lead Generator; three, it's that Voice of Customer that you are collecting on a regular basis to use to speak to the members that are sitting at home.

That's it for today, more to come, hope your reopen is going fabulous and I hope WE reopen someday.....

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