The Final Numbers...V2V Ratio


HI! Blair here with MXM. I'm here, post workout this morning and I have a correction to make on our Visits to Virus Ratio! One of the larger files I had, I was looking at unique visits, instead of checkins. So, the viruses don't change but the numbers do. So here is the final number: 2,877 locations, 49.4M checkins, 1,155 cases of COVID called in or involved in contact tracing of some kind..employee or member saying "I was positive and worked out there in the last two weeks", that's 42,731 checkins for every case of COVID called in or 0.002%. If those numbers don't get out there and don't get people to start paying attention, in other words, policy makers...public...we're coming to you with data. Here is our data, show us yours. Show us where outbreaks are happening in gyms in any kind of significant level in any state.

Really huge numbers! Again, that's 2,877 locations, 49.4M visits, 1,155 cases of COVID called in and 42,731 checkins for every case of COVID or 0.002%.

Now it's time for us to kind of close the door on this, finalize those numbers and get some PR around it. You'll see some stuff coming out in the next month that will allow any club, anywhere to leverage this data.

Thank you!

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