Communicate that gyms are safe!


Hi! Blair here with MXM and I'd just like to follow up on our data for Visits to Virus Ratio, which you'll see a big PR push on that soon. Whether you are open or not, we need to start using this data to rebrand our industry. Some of the same work out of Australia, an article a couple days ago showing the exact same thing. We'll see some coming out of Europe next week showing some spectacular numbers.

I think what this does is it has to force the question, WHY aren't outbreaks happening in gyms? So yesterday, I took the now infamous report from the Texas Medical Group where they surveyed 15 or 17 doctors and they put gyms in the highest risk category as a level 10. What I did is I took the Colorado data, their state level data showing the exactly types of business and it was squared up as of August 12th and Colorado is the only state we can find that is actually sharing this type of detail. And out of 532 outbreaks, 214 happened in healthcare, 51 happened in bars and restaurants, 16 happened in grocery stores, 30 in offices, 20 in construction sites, and absolutely ZERO in a fitness facility. And they've been operating since June 5th so then when you take those and you match where those outbreaks are happening, you match them up to the actual categories that the Texas physicians ranked and you can see how dead wrong they are. And at some point, someone should write an article that says, do these physicians owe this industry an apology!

Now in fairness, going into this, people didn't have any data, there wasn't anything to look at. I mean we all wondered right? When we got shutdown, we thought maybe we aren't safe! But then we moved very rapidly to implement such high standards, higher than the guidance that we were given and we've proven to be the best at executing. So as this information comes out, localize your message, get your message out to your state representatives. Get it out on your social media. So as you see IHRSA come over the top of this information, it's up to all of us to take the message and make it a hyper-local message. Doing videos about it on Facebook, Instagram, posting our own blogs about it. But this has to be a ground-swell so that it is so loud that it elevates our industry to a new level.

That's it for today, we got work to do but one gritty group up and we'll get it done!

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