ROX - Return On Experience


Hi! Blair here with MXM at one of our two Clubs, Worx Of Wenatchee Valley, just finished my workout and we are going on four weeks of being open and we'll start sharing some numbers from our own clubs and see how those compare with everybody out there.

We were shut 181 days and had very low attrition going into the shutdown trailing 12 months, somewhere around 25%. We are a fitness only club so we'll see what that looks like after being closed for 6 months. I'll give you the numbers on the first month here and what's happening in Wenatchee Valley.

Return On Experience, ROX

We invest in our member experience. We invest in how we source, train and onboard employees. We invest in how we design policy from processes and we invest certainly in equipment. We invest in our programming but it's a constant cycle of listening, learning, iterating and innovating. We've been doing this a long time when it comes to Member Experience. But you should see ROI right out of the gate. As soon as you turn on a powerful Operational Member Experience Management System like MXM, you should see ROI right out of the gate. So let's look at different ways people get ROI. Let's categorize member experience. We are just going to be very broad at this, certainly there are thousands of degrees of how the Member Experience comes up. Let's just say we have really bad, mediocre, and really good. If you turn a system on and you realize that you are delivering a really bad customer experience than it's pretty straight forward. You go in and you save the people that have issues, a lot of times that is going to be money issues especially if they are scoring you a zero out of a 10 scale. You go in and you fix the individual issues and you save those customers. You look at the policies that are causing that kind of constraination and you stop doing those things. So right out of the gate, you are saving people, you are fixing what's broken and you are changing policies. That's what happens right out of the gate if someone has really bad customer experience.

Once you get to Mediocre you start to get much more positive and certainly you are going to start to get better online reviews, more referrals...we have a review generator and a lead generator that help drive that ROI. But then you are also going to see a lot of operational improvements that you can start to do the design process on, find root cause and start to up level that member experience.

Now let's say, you turn the system on and it's just as you thought it was, it's a stellar member experience. Well I'll tell ya, we generate at least one review a day and about one lead a day. And those leads come through and actually join as referrals. So that there and you are also going to discover the things on which you can double down. So you've made a lot of changes. Members are telling you the things they love, those are the things you really want to lean more into, start innovating around more and make those a stronger and stronger part of your future operating model.

So there are ways right out of the gate to drive ROI, we'll be talking a lot about Return on Experience. We'll be sharing a lot of our numbers so we can kind of do it right here in front of God and everybody as far as how we are doing.

That's it for now, more Return on Experience as we go here.

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