Special Note from Blair McHaney on Being Named Fitness Supplier of the Year

A great big thank you to the Fitness Industry Technology Council for recognizing MXMetrics as the "Most Innovative Fitness Supplier" of the year.

FIT-C looked for the most innovative technology solutions during 2020 to serve club members and professionals in unique and new ways.

There is a lot of pride floating around our virtual offices right now.

2020 was a tough year for everyone. Our industry got crushed for a long period of time.

Innovate or close the doors was the choice many of us were left to make. So much was learned from the choice we made. A new product was born as a result of the choice we made.

With all that said, so many of you out there did the same thing - made that same choice, many of whom won't ever get recognized for their perseverance. It was inspiring to see others push past fear and in the direction of innovation. 

The industry will survive and thrive as a result of that perseverance. The Bounce Back is underway, and MXMetrics is leading the charge.

The MXMetrics engagement and data platform was created by Fitness Leaders specifically for the Fitness Industry. 

If you’re a gym operator and want to learn more about how the MXMetrics platform can work for you and your member base, click the Innovate button below.

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