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"Money on the Ground"


There's a surprising fact about member feedback as it applies to a health club operation - There's money in the feedback. How and where, you ask?

Good question. Well, look no further than the ...

"The Money Framework" features three components:

  • Money on the Ground
  • Money on the Table
  • Money on the Balance Sheet

In Episode 3 of the "There's Money in Your Member Experience" webinar series, MXMetrics VP of Customer Success, Jenny Hymer, and CEO, Blair McHaney, will lay out the the first concept of the framework, "Money on the Ground."

Here’s a preview:

Money on the Ground: Finding the money does not require internal processes. It’s something quick and obvious that’s right in front of you. The staff member that has received the feedback can reach out and contact that member and take immediate action.

Once the feedback has been addressed with the member and internally, the external loop is closed. The majority of the time, Money on the Ground is a series of one-off opportunities that affect positive change.

Mark your calendars - 1 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 3, 2022. 

If you want to catch up on Episode 2: Explaining "The Money Framework," you can watch it in its entirety up at the top or below the registration form.

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Meet the Hosts

Blair McHaney

CEO, MXMetrics

Customer Experience Management business as a student, teacher and practitioner, and in technology as the (former) VP of Strategic Initiatives for Medallia. As CEO of the company I LOVE to teach best practices, learn “next” practices and to innovate on everything in club organizations. That is the virtuous cycle that keeps us moving forward and keep our customers on the leading edge for member experience and building loyalty.

Jenny Hymer

VP of Customer Success, MXMetrics

My experience is driven by the 18 years I spent working as the General Manager for two successful (NPS) health clubs. My passion for this industry is what helps me connect with MXMetrics customers who are trying to create a great Member Experience at their clubs.

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