Building Relationships - How To Stand Out As A Health Club

Other fitness clubs can copy your successes, such as your facility, machines or prices. What they can’t copy is your relationship with your members. The best way to provide great customer service in your health club is to keep those relationships strong and meaningful.

In a world with social media, online reviews and instant information from the internet, customers are beginning to expect that they get to interact more closely with businesses they frequent. They want to be able to give feedback, and know that their feedback is important to the business, and that it will make an impact.

In today’s world, health club members want more than a place to work out. In addition, a great customer experience at the fitness club also means strong relationships with the club’s owners and staff. One way to do this is through a customer experience platform, or a system that helps you, the fitness club owner, gather feedback from customers in one place. Customer management software, like those provided by MXM, not only gather feedback from customers, but also provides insights and information in an easy-to-understand way. This creates a customer-centric culture in your health club, truly putting the customer first.

Once you have the information from your customer management software, it’s easy to take action. Health clubs that use software like MXM’s are able to identify “at risk” members and improve their experience to change them to satisfied customers.

All of this keeps members longer, increases their spending and makes them more likely to recommend your fitness club (which adds more members in the long run!)

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