Social Proximating


Hi everybody! Blair McHaney here, CEO of MXM over here in Wenatchee Washington. I’m currently in one of our two locations, you hear us talk about them all the time as sort of our "labs" and where we test a lot of our member experience management processes and operations.

I just finished my workout...all alone, I’m going to try and document a lot of this, it’s very surreal and we want you to know that we’re in this with you guys. We understand your plight more than anybody. We cut off all dues, so we too are at zero revenue. Coming out of this, imagine the welcome home party you are going to throw for your members when they come in! I will say this...Chelan County just started to get it’s first cases of Coronavirus, this will be a big wave for us because of where we are located. Social distancing is incredibly important right now. You don’t want to be the one that triggers that cascade of events in your community!

At the same time remember this, you’ll get out the other side of this. At that time, I want our industry to own the term Social Proximating because that’s going to be even more important when we come out of this. Social distance now, let’s get on Social Proximating on the other side of this and make these gyms home again to all of our members and communities. Thanks. Stay strong!

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