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Hi! Blair here, CEO of MXM, this is the third day of our shutdown and I’m back in our Wenatchee Worx location. A few things that I want to tell you: We’re coming out with some free services to anyone in the fitness industry, a source for ideas and innovations and what other people are doing all over the country around the COVID-19 Shutdown.

As I’m filming this, if you aren’t currently shutdown, you are likely worried about being shut down. This tool will give you a place to look at ideas around how to engage your employees while this is going on and how to engage with your members. They’ll be all kinds of problems that people will be giving ideas on.

We are also going to be providing two other free services. Free to anybody in the fitness industry. The first will be what we are calling a Shutdown Survey. A way to standardize and help you stay in touch with all of your customers. This has been designed professionally with our expert services and then we’ll add a Healthy Club Survey that we think will be absolutely essential as you come out of this. And come out of this, we all will.

We love this industry, we’re in this with you. The team is working extremely hard on business continuity plans for all of our customers but we want the entire industry to know that we got your back and we’re gonna be rolling out some free services that we think will serve everybody. Stay strong, thank  you!

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