Let's Survive COVID-19


Hi! Blair McHaney here, CEO of MXM and I’m in our East Wenatchee location, the other videos were from our Wenatchee location. Our clubs are called Worx of Wenatchee Valley. We are shut down just like you. So as MXM we’re your partner in this and we understand it, you call us and we’ll take care of you.

Today we made a big announcement that we launched our Ideation, Innovation Platform called MXM Idea Lab. Right now people are sharing their ideas on first off, let’s survive this, and then once you know that you can survive, you gotta focus on what to do with this downtime. We have a few people that are painting and refreshing for us. After that it’s going to be... how do we get ready to reopen and ramp up as fast as we can? We have everybody going in and sharing ideas, this is your opportunity to go look at new ideas and vote on new ideas. You guys will be voting on a whole lot of ideas. My team is in there putting in ideas that are coming from a ton of our customers, it’s free to register and it’s free to the entire fitness industry and it will be throughout this entire crisis as we go through phases of it. Stay strong, we have a lot more announcements to come. Take Care.

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