Journey Mapping Post COVID-19


Hi, Blair here, CEO of MXM and I am actually at one of our two locations IN Wenatchee, Worx of Wenatchee Valley. In the last video, I talked about themes we were seeing and thousands of pieces of feedback around COVID-19 and this shutdown. I also mentioned about optimizing. There is an exercise that we’ve taken a lot of customers through called Customer Journey Mapping, and there is some very sophisticated, high level models out there on Journey Mapping.

This doesn’t really have to be that heavy handed. Journey Mapping is really understanding through the customers eyes, what that whole trip looks like to get to the gym, do the workout, leave the gym and move on to the next party of the day. One of the things that I would like everyone to consider is, cleaning and sanitizing practices are going to change now, forever, with the customer. And I think you should, even if you’ve done Journey Mapping before, think of the key segments of customers that you have. So you may have a parent that come in with kids, people that do group exercise. People that do personal training, people that just workout on the floor. In each of those cases, I want you to think of all the steps from the moment they go to the Facebook page and see “Oh they are going to reopen” to when they actually come back to the gym.

Their eyes are now different than they were before you shutdown. Their eyes are now focused on who is touching what. Their eyes are now focused on how easy it is for them to clean and sanitize equipment before and after they use it. How easy it is for them to sanitize their hands and whether or not you are following expert advice. So in your snack bar, do your people wear gloves? Do they wash their hands all the time? When you do your Journey Map, picture the mom walking in your front door with her two kids likely with a bit of trepidation while heading to the kids club. How many times did you make it easy to sanitize hands? How have you communicated to that member both through language and signage? Maybe sanitizing hands is now required? But also just in practice, how are you communicating? Instead of a Journey Map focused just on people using the turf or the people going to group fitness and their entire journey……This time, only focus on these three things:  How are you expressing that you are following expert advicehow are you expressing that you make it easy to clean equipment before and after useAnd how are you expressing how easy you are making it to sanitize hands.

Everything you do is in communication these days. Redo your Journey Maps, get ahead of it, and then tell your customer online what you are doing to change your processes. Thank you. We’ll get past this and we will have all new standards coming out of this.

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