Shutdown Survey


Hi there. Blair here, CEO of MXM and today, I just finished my 1,188 consecutive day of exercise, all alone in our Wenatchee location early in the morning. We’re gonna be talking to you about the Shutdown Survey that we are providing to the industry. We launched it with our clubs this week and already the data coming in is in invaluable and already we are looking at how to move some of those metrics when we reopen, we’re asking questions that really, we describe, as what a healthy club would be doing in the new world of cleaning, sanitizing and communicating with members.

We are really excited to be able to provide this, we’re really excited to be able to create some data standards around this and share those back wth the industry. So, hang in there, we’ll get through this, but let’s learn something in the process and come out of this much stronger so that next year at IHRSA we have a real party. Love you all, take care. 

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