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Hi, Blair here with MXM and uh, we’ll be launching our free to the industry Shutdown Survey here next week. We’ve been running that for the last two days in our own clubs and already, after actually literately the first night, the actions that came out of that are pretty amazing just from, not just member comments, but the aggregate scores that we’re getting on the key indicators on whether or not your members are going to feel safe in coming back into clubs eventually. This survey gives you the opportunity, while you are in this down time, of optimizing. Don’t do it without customer feedback. And don’t go about it alone. Use us. Use this free shutdown survey as it rolls out. Today you’ll be able to go to the website and sign up to receive it and how to use it. We’re not asking for your data; we’re just asking for you to use the real information you need from your customers to determine how to optimize your processes and practices while you are shut down. Alright. I’ll be coming back with some of the things that we’ll be doing as we implement from the member feedback. Stay strong. We’ll see you later.

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