Don't Be Afraid


Hi there, Blair here, CEO of MXM and for the last few days, you’ve been hearing me talk about our free Shutdown Survey, available to anybody in the industry and I’ll keep emphasizing that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Here in Wenatchee Valley for our two locations, I’ve personally read through almost 300 pieces of feedback and I’m stunned by the insights, thoughts, and feelings of our members while they stay at home. Now, the gaps between the member expectations and what we’re delivering on is different in my clubs that it would be in yours. We’re not looking for any of your data, we’re looking for you to adopt this Shutdown Survey, I’ll be sharing on some podcasts and webinars some of the results of the metrics we’re capturing. You need this information right now and you should have no fear of this information. Your customers are wanting to provide you feedback that will help you get better during this shutdown so you can optimize this time and come out of the other side of it with a much better bounce rate, so to speak.

Take care, love this industry and I hope everyone will take advantage. Go to and it’ll be right in front of you. How to take advantage of our Shutdown Survey and also how to participate in our Idea Lab. Alright. Take care.

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