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Hi there, Blair McHaney here, CEO of MXM and I’m here at one of our empty locations and I want to talk to you about this free Shutdown Survey that we’ve been talking about. From our clubs, the amount of information that we’re getting from our members as they sit at home and watch all the news reports about what their expectations are when they come back in are becoming invaluable. We’ll have about 15 different processes and physical plant changes that we will implement that will reassure them of the safety of coming back in.

Here is another really heightened thing about this Shutdown Survey. It gives you something to market right now. I mean how inappropriate first to go out and say, come buy our memberships….but when you are listening to the customer and you’re saying we hear you and here’s the changes we made, it allows for the type of social media that you need to be putting out on Facebook and Instagram that say we are listening to our customers and here is the actions we are taking.

On top of that what we’ve done is we have shifted locally in the market for our own clubs, we’ve shifted our radio and TV to say, you’re expectations will never be the same and neither will ours. Here are the changes we’re making, and this is giving us ongoing content to market when our competitors can’t. Ok. This is one of the most important things about this Shutdown Survey.

OK. Friday, this coming Friday, at 10am PST, we’ll be doing a free Webinar about this Shutdown Survey. We’ll be showing some of the insights that we’re getting, how you sign up for it, what the reporting looks like, remember this is free to anybody in the industry. This is a major opportunity, our industry is going through a reset, there will be winners and losers coming out of this. How you gather customer feedback right now, will change your operations for years to come. You just need to take advantage of this free information. Um, stay distant, stay active, stay safe. Thanks. Bye-Bye.

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