Time To Up The Ante


Hi! Blair here, CEO of MXM in our Wenatchee location, I keep working out in our Wenatchee location because it’s closer to my house. Worx of Wenatchee Valley but in talking to you about the Shutdown feedback that we’re getting in our clubs, as of this morning we’ve had 43 companies already sign up in the last few days. We are going to keep providing this for free for as long as this is happening.

A few observations about the feedback that’s coming in from our members and the value that you’re getting through the members eyes of defining what you need to do assuage their fears and concerns as to what the world is going to look like coming out on the other side of this. And what an opportunity!

I want to share just one insight with you. I’ve talked to a lot of club owners who say "we’re doing a deep clean, we are letting our members know that we’re doing a deep clean." Great, but that’s going to be just the ante. Cleaning and sanitizing cannot be an event. You are going to have to change processes, have expert processes and communicate those. What we see in the customer comments is, and it’s not the member saying you need to have new processes, it’s the member in how they express their fears and then you look at that and say what is the root cause of that fear and then when you solve for root cause, you solve for deeper issues. You start to recognize, that if I can communicate world class processes to them it will have them feeling more comfortable about coming in. What new technologies are you using, what new processes and what types of cleaners and so on.

So that’s my observation for this morning. I really encourage you to come to us, it’ll be incredible help and it will help you define your brand, both during this shutdown because you’ll have something real to communicate out to your marketplace and after the shutdown because you will be the more trusted brand while there are exponential cancellations happening all over. Those people need to go somewhere, You need to come out of this as one of the most trusted clubs in your marketplace. Alright, Thank you.

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