The Loudest Noise


Hey there, Blair here from MXM. Sitting in our east Wenatchee gym this time just to give you a little variety. We’re kind of torn up over here, uh, doing a bunch of projects like I’m sure you all are. Make sure you pay attention to those ceilings by the way. When redoing projects, I’d suggest looking at the lens covers on your lights and some of the rafters that might need cleaning…we certainly seem to have those issues.

We want to give you some observations from the thousands and thousands of member comments coming in on our shutdown survey. So, this morning, I spent about an hour going through Medallia’s artificial intelligence text analytics, that automatically creates themes around those voices and some of the loudest noise is around every one of your members, what the responsibility is to the community to clean and sanitize before and after use. Now that seem obvious, but the voice is extremely loud. There are probably more comments around that and staff members participating in that.

Next comments are around now easy you make it to clean and sanitize, and that voice is VERY loud. We’ll be coming out with some best practices around that, that the voice of customer is helping us see. If you are not doing the Shutdown Survey, you really need to. The companies that are doing this are already seeing incredible value out of this. And it’s free and you can start right away, within 24 hours of your contacting us. So, go to and you’ll see where to sign up for this COVID-19 shutdown survey. Incredibly powerful. Great way to engage you members and also the amount of positivity that comes through with people saying, here is what’s most important to me. Seeing all of you, seeing all of the other members, and you know, getting back in the gym. So, look, stay distant, stay active, stay safe and we’re here for you. Contact us and we can help.

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