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Hey again, this is Blair McHaney, CEO of MXM.

I want to go over the Shutdown Survey results a little bit here. We’ve already sent out one round for our two local clubs and last night we sent out our second round, looking for even more feedback and we’ve been incredibly surprised and dazzled by the things that our members have come up with that we are now implementing about 15-20 changes in our cleaning and sanitizing protocol and process and what the members will see, kind of the signals that we want them to understand that we are really paying attention to. We are also engaged with an epidemiologist, an infectious disease specialist, to review everything that we are doing to make sure that it’ll be world class. I greatly encourage you to get out in the next two to three weeks with the Shutdown Survey and then right after that, remember this is free to anybody in the industry, right after that we’ll be coming out with our Healthy Club Survey that you will deploy after you open and as people start to come back into the club.You’ll be able to compare those metrics to those metrics that you had during the shutdown survey…every single company better understand this, I don’t care if it’s in retail, banking or fitness, coming out of this voice of customer will be the single most important leading indicator and metric that you could possibly collect. It will absolutely be a utility, or should be like a utility, in your organization.

Take care, contact us, we can help. The shutdown survey is free, fast to deploy. I promise you won’t regret it. The information you get will be invaluable. In the meantime, stay distant, stay active, stay safe and we’ll see you again.

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