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Hey. Blair here. CEO of MXM and as I’m looking at all the feedback coming in from over 200 clubs now and some of them, I would say, are some of the best operators in the world, collecting feedback during the shutdown using our free, free to anybody survey. It seems we all have a lot of stuff to change. I don’t care how good of an operator you are and it’s not just planting equipment, it’s business practices, processes, policies, there is a lot to change in you’re customers eyes, those thousands of eyes, will give you wonderful detail and incredible ideas, Aha moments that say, my gosh, why didn’t I think of that.

Some of the nosiest themes that are coming out of the unstructured feedback using text analytics on the MXM platform, has moved us into retraining everybody, every frontline employee, whether it’s housekeeping, maintenance, group fitness, kids club, certainly trainers…everybody…to be "compliance ambassadors".

Change doesn’t happen by memo. You can’t just send out a memo and say “Hey everybody, let’s ask members to clean stuff off.;“ You have to have a new process for cleaning stuff off. You have to set new expectations and then you have to retrain people and make sure they go through role playing so that when everybody comes in, they understand that as part of being a good citizen, a good, involved-in-the-community citizen, comes with cleaning and disinfecting the equipment before and after use. Now I do believe there’ll be a lot more peer pressure to do that but we are retaining people to make sure that we approach, that we’re assertive, and we approach members and say, “Good morning, I noticed this, here is our new policy, here is your black microfiber cleaning towel. We will retrain everybody. In order to make that operational, you can’t just train as an event, you now have to take that training, compliance ambassador training and that has to become a piece of your employee onboarding so just as I hope hospitality training is a piece of your employee onboarding for every single employee, every employee will now go through compliance ambassador training.

That’s it for today. You have, you know, I think, another three to four weeks that you need to jump on this right now so that you can get enough feedback in this free shutdown survey. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe. Hopefully you are breaking a sweat every day. We’ll get through this.

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