Four Layers of Value


Hi, Blair here. CEO of MXM. We’re just through our second round of getting feedback from our members using the Shutdown Survey and the metrics that we think are so important to understand right now. Once you come back we have another free product for you, once you start opening again. It’s called the Healthy Club Survey and it’ll map back to your shutdown survey so you can take all that information, the changes you are making and see how that translates into actual customer experience. I’ve talked about value and this being incredibly valuable. Seeing four levels of value… and the way to think about this is like, how much manpower do you have?

Some club chains out there don’t have anybody in their clubs, and you are going to get a ton of feedback coming in. So the first layer of value is don’t worry about doing anything with that, don’t worry about closing the loop with the customer, you put out there that "we are very shorthanded, we may not be getting back to you at all, but we still value you and need your input during this time", the time that you are shutdown. The first layer of value is just looking at the incredible Medallia analytics on this and understanding what’s happening in those clubs so you know what to fix.

The second layer of value is well maybe you have some people that you are keeping employed that need to do something. Those people then could be going in and looking at each piece of member feedback, or as we call it a "case", and they could be adding notes to that case as they read the comments and come up with their own ideas, we call those Ideas for Innovation. So, they start to put in their own ideas as to how you can improve. That then goes into a queue for ideas to innovate. You just click on that and it doesn’t matter if you have a thousand clubs or one club, it’s very powerful.

So first layer is just core team, lets analyze. Second layer is lets process these cases and add our own thoughts. The Third layer is asking your customers to leave an email so that you can get back to them. Then you have your people start to contact these customers back, thank them, engage with them. So you can see these layers have to do with maybe who you are keeping on staff and if they have any bandwidth. The last layer, that is so critical, we are engaging with our members out there, we’re learning the stuff we have to do and we’re rapidly implementing improvement processes, this last piece is engaging with your teams and taking that incredible, positive feedback that your members are going to be giving you and as you are sending communications to your furloughed employees, make sure that’s going out and tell them to remember that this is how our members feel about us. Let’s welcome them home when they come back and lets start to plan the welcome home party.

So, the four layers are… analyze, process and add ideation to it, close the loop and engage with the customer, then take the positives and engage with your employees. That’s it.

Stay distant, stay active, stay safe. Get on this shutdown survey, the window is closing to get some of the best information you’ll ever get to change your operations for decades. Thank you.

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