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Blair here with MXM. We’ve had over 200 companies now using our shutdown survey and the feedback from members is amazing, both on what they want to see changed in the club and sort of what the public is going to be comfortable with at large when business reopen.

A couple of things when you are considering how you are going to change your cleaning and sanitizing processes…let’s put it this way, your MEMBER facing cleaning and sanitizing processes have come up with this analogy in reading now thousands of pieces of feedback from all kinds of clubs that as you are going into this shutdown, when a member sees another member get off of a piece of equipment, so somebody is sweating, working hard and then they get off without cleaning it, I would describe that as sort of watching…in the members eyes here is how that’s going to look. That is a bad citizen, it would be like you are in target and you just watched somebody shoplift. That is how I would describe the feeling that people are expressing when they see other members not clean. So it’s going to be extremely important that we change expectations. This is one of the key things that you have to consider.

Whatever you are going to use for member facing, whether it’s sani-wipes, or spray bottles and we’re sourcing some really cool stuff that we hope can get throughout the fitness industry. Whatever you use has to be really well distributed. I should not have to go more than 10 feet in order to clean a piece of equipment and it should be obvious. That’s the voice of the customer coming through. You need to hear that voice for your own clubs.

This shutdown survey is free, you’re going to be able to use it and reuse it and reuse it and go right into reopening and then we’ll make our Healthy Club Survey available free for you to use and reuse. We want this industry to bounce back, we want it to reset. This is going to be a reset of the entire industry. We’re here to help and in the meantime, stay distant, stay active, stay safe. We’ll get through it. Thank you!

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