Beyond NPS (or even just getting good reviews)


Hi, Blair here with MXM and with over 500 pieces of feedback on the shutdown for our own two clubs, Worx of Wenatchee Valley, we just sent a letter out last night to all members highlighting fifteen changes in policies, processes, procedures that we’re putting in place. Also posting that on our social media today.

It dawns on me that right now, your most valuable asset is your member feedback so the shutdown survey is free to anybody in the industry but right now you need to start thinking about what this world looks like as you come out of this and we’ll also be making free, what we’re calling our Healthy Club Survey that will be free to you once you reopen. Then I got thinking about well, what’s the next phase after that, well it’s ongoing operations…and in times of crisis, just like in the 2008 financial crisis…the difference between the mediocre and the great companies came into sharp focus for consumers. I’ll say for the fitness industry, it may be more so for the fitness industry than perhaps any other industry, certainly more than retail, more than automotive, more than banking, more than telco, for the fitness industry, member feedback is going to become so critically important as you come out of this.

Very few businesses will have the scrutiny on them for cleaning, sanitizing, having the right distance, doing the right things, than the fitness industry. This goes well beyond net promoter score; it goes well beyond trying to get good reviews. This cuts right to the heart of what the customer thinks and feels and how they are going to willingly coach us to be the brand that they want to trust and trust their families and friends to use as well. There will be no more valuable information that you can have as you roll through this crisis than your member feedback. Across the entire member journey, understanding it deeply and how it related to gym operations. We’re here for you. The shutdown survey is free to anybody in the industry. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe.

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