Strategy #1: Every Member Must Become An Extension Of Housekeeping


Hi, Blair here with MXM. Last video, I talked about five points of strategy that are going to have to become part of everybody’s operations. Coming out of this we’re seeing incredible feedback coming in on the shutdown survey but on this first one, the noisiest which I’m seeing strategically, everybody needs to make every member an extension of housekeeping. That’s sort of the broad strategic direction of the first point. Then it’s about how you execute that and I wanna tie this back into what we see in the regular operational member experience management system.

Two of the biggest drivers behind retention, well before, for the last six or seven years that we’ve been doing this with our customers, are gym cleanliness and staff friendliness. Ok. Those two points are going to play a huge role in this first point about every member being an extension of housekeeping because now you sort of have to create a new law so to speak and once a new law is created then people need to be good citizens when they are inside your facility and as Peter Block asks in his book, “Community: The Structure of Belonging”, who is responsible for upholding the law? And it’s us right? It’s the citizens that are responsible for upholding the law. Police are law enforcement then there is the criminal justice system after that and so on. So you have to create the new law and you have to set the new expectation and it’s gotta be done in writing, it’s gotta be done verbally and then you have to be prepared.

So as soon as we say, write the new law, there is a lot of business process implication now that goes behind that because remember, coming out of this, two of the biggest drivers are club cleanliness and overall staff friendliness and now you have to maintain overall staff friendliness while ensuring accountability around the new law of every member is an extension of housekeeping. I’ll say this, I think we’re gonna get a lot of help on this from members. I think there is going to be a lot of volunteerism to make sure that they are all complying with the new law. I think that’s going to be to our benefit. But members are very loud when they see other members not cleaning. I’ve said before that it feels like your watching someone shoplift at Target or break into a car on the street. You know it’s the wrong behavior especially now.

So we’ll dig into some more tactics as we roll through these next four but strategic point number one, every member must become an extension of your housekeeping staff. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe. Thank you.

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