Strategy #2: Every Staff Member Must Be A Compliance Ambassador


Hi there. Blair here with MXM. This is the second in five parts of the five strategic pieces of how you approach cleaning and sanitizing that we’re seeing come out of the voice of customers. Remember there are signals all over the place that the member is going to see to determine if they can trust your processes or not. The first one was making every member an extension of housekeeping and then we dug into some tactics on that.

The second one is that every staff member must be a compliance ambassador. And we use that term because gym cleanliness and staff friendliness have been some of the biggest driver of customer loyalty. So now we have to set new laws in the gym around cleaning and sanitizing for our members. And then we have to be out there holding them accountable, but we have to do that without reducing the friendliness first step, which is why we think that every club should be creating compliance ambassador training. And then what are some of the tactics associated with that. In a conversation I had yesterday we were discussing some potential tactics and depending on what you are using for cleaning, certainly if you are using bottles and personal cleaning towels, you can carry over a personal cleaning towel or if you are using sani wipes on the floor, well sani wipes can be purchased in hand held packets as well and it might be the opportunity to walk over to a member and say here, let me give you one of these and have a conversation with them at that point around the new norms in the club. So be thinking about this, that’s just one tactic. So first one, all members gotta be part of housekeeping, the second one, in order to make the first one work, our staff must be on their toes, be incredibly member centric in how they approach members and extremely gracious and thank them as compliance ambassadors.

We’ll be back with the next three in our next series of videos. Thank you. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe.

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