Strategy #3: Your New Process And Policies Must Be Everywhere!


Hi, Blair here with MXM. The third part of the series of five videos on five key strategies when it comes to the voice of customer that we see coming in on the shutdown survey. About 40,000 responses already, that is a lot of comments and text analytics data. It instantly sort of sorts through and says, here are the main topics.

So in the first video, I laid out the five steps so each of these subsequent videos are to give you a little more detail. So the first one was the strategic direction was to make every member an extension of housekeeping, the second one was making every staff member a compliance ambassador, this one is that whatever you are going to use that is customer facing or member facing for cleaning equipment, that must be broadly distributed meaning it has to be everywhere.

The reason it has to be everywhere is because when people have to start looking for or walking to something that they are going to use to clean and sanitize equipment, then they are going to do it less.  An if they do it less, that means in going back to number two, your staff members have to be compliance ambassadors more of the time. And if that happens, that could affect your overall staff friendliness scores which we know is a huge driver of customer loyalty. So, these are dominoes.

Now when I say broadly distributed, you can immediately think I need a spray bottle every piece of equipment, yep, that’s one way to do it. But there are other potential ways. Perhaps every member gets their own spray bottle when they come in. Perhaps every member gets a spray bottle that they keep and take home. Perhaps every member has access to a filling station that members can fill their own spray bottles when they come in and you are just going to supply the microfiber cleaning towels for them. There are a lot of options out there and I would love to hear those from everybody because those are some that we have heard and some that other people are doing. In fact, maybe trainers could also be carrying around packets of Sani wipes and handing them to people that are not in compliance. But whatever you are going to use, whether it’s Sani wipes, spray bottles, micro fiber towels. Just remember this, imagine that customer journey, that member journey, go to a piece of equipment, get on it, use it and then look around and say how far do I have to reach to clean and sanitize.

That’s it. We’ll be back with the fourth one tomorrow. Thanks. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe.

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