Strategy #5: Best in Class? How Will They Know?


Hi, Blair here with MXM. This is the fifth of this five part series on the key strategic directions that every gym should be taking when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing coming out of this.

More than 50,000 responses right now. We’ll have more than 800 clubs on on the free shutdown survey by the end of today, free to anybody out there in the industry. And I keep saying this, the insights are pretty amazing. I have given these five key strategic directions and then we’ve gone into detail in each one of them. The first was to make every member a part of housekeeping, every staff member a part of compliance, third was the tools to clean and sanitize are broadly distributed, fourth is hand sanitizer being broadly distributed.

The fifth one is the best practices around sanitizing are well communicated. And well communicated is both in word and in action. One of the tactics, I think, that should come from this is whast I call, B to B Marketing is the new B to C marketing. So as you are spending on new products, new technology, new processes that you’re putting in place to be best in class in cleaning and sanitizing; Look at how those companies are marketing to you. Look at the materials they used to get you to invest in their products to ensure that your members are safe. Now think of how you can repackage that and use that in your B to C marketing that you can take right out to your marketplace, not just on social media. It might be perfectly appropriate for TV Radio, Print or other things. Just keep communicating to the member that you are best in class.

So that’s the fifth one, your best practices have to be widely communicated both in word and in action. So if you start saying that you are best in class and here are the things that we do then you damn well better demonstrate it in your day to day operations. This is why I’ve been saying, voice of customer is going to be your most important asset. It’s your most important asset right now and coming out of this, as you move from being shutdown to restarting, remember we have a free Healthy Club Survey that you can use when restarting. I want you to think about daily operations after that. Voice of customer programs, systems, real operational systems that you can use every single day inside your clubs should be as common as heating, air conditioning, running water and member management software. It’s how you do business today. That’s it, stay distant, stay active, stay safe. And we’ll see you on the next one.

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