Your Customer Voice is Powerful!


Hey, Blair here with MXM. As of last night, we have over 90,000 pieces of feedback in our Shutdown Survey system. I wish I never used the “survey” because people think of it as the questions that you ask and it’s so much more than that. It’s knowing what should be asked based on voice of customer in the run up to the shutdown. But it’s the reporting, it’s the ability to rapidly move through information and determine the changes you need to make in your organization.

I’ve been talking a lot about the changes in broad areas but the tactical changes, that’s going to come from the voice of your customer. It is critical right now that you are collecting voice of customer. And as we come out of this, a voice of customer system that is operationalized and leading the way of your metrics on a daily basis in a way that your front lines can digest, handle it, and take action on it will be critical to business…all business, not just the fitness business. Certainly, the fitness business is going to be more scrutinized than most. I encourage everybody to take advantage of these free services right now. And then understand just how powerful that voice of customer is in daily decision making, in aligning your operations with your strategy then your strategy with your vision from here forward.

That’s it, stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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