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Hi, Blair here with MXM. Today we should cross 100,000 responses on our shutdown survey. Common metrics that allow clubs to compare against each other (you can’t see them and they can’t see you) but you can see where you are in a broader world for member experience while members are sitting at home kind of fretting around COVID-19 but very eater, we are seeing VERY eager to get back in clubs. Also we are noticing some other trends in the data, we think there is going be a big demand for one on one personal training just by the voice of customer and frankly in our own two clubs, people are saying, “I’ve been out for a long time, I’m gonna have to figure out how to ease back into it. I’ve never taken a break this long. I’ve been doing this, but I haven’t been lifting weights but I’m going to need some help. That voice has been pretty loud just in our own two clubs and when we look at the data further, we think there is going to be a big demand for persona one-on-one personal training. 

The best thing you can be doing right now is getting the data you need to understand your world when you reopen. And that is getting the voice of customer right now, if you are not using this free shutdown survey then do it. And then make sure you are tied in to these webinars where some of the club owners that have reopened in other states are sharing their information and I couldn’t’ be more proud of any industry than this fitness industry and the light speed learning that we see going on from coast to coast and frankly country to country. So, two things right now, you have to get your shutdown feedback, use our survey, there is no strings attached, it’s your data, you get to compare to others and it’s very, very rich analytics in this survey. And make sure you are tied into these webinars learning as fast as you can what’s happening in other states and other countries so that when it’s time to reopen that your bounce back is faster and higher than your competitors and until then, stay distance, stay active, stay safe.

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