Two Ideas From Top Club Operators


Hi, Blair here with MXM. I’m going to share two ideas with you that came from very good friends and colleagues of mine in the last few days. One from Scott Gillespie in Saco, Maine. He’s been doing his shutdown survey and getting some great information, great data. He shot about a 2-3 minute video and he said Thank You for giving us this feedback, thanks to your feedback, here is what we’re going to do. And while he was doing the video they also shot some other footage where it cuts away and it shows the spacing of the equipment, and how at check-in they are going to be spreading people out. Very thoughtful video. He told me that out of all the marketing that they’ve ever done, and they do a really good job with their social media and their marketing there, by far the highest open rate and the highest click through rate was on this video. The point is, your members want to hear this. Your members want to know what you are doing, and that you are doing it in a thoughtful way, first understanding their viewpoint and then taking action on their viewpoint. This is powerful marketing, powerful messaging. Remember it won’t just be Saco Sport and Fitness members that are watching that. It’s going to be other people out in the community that are sitting at home "riding the pine", wanting to get back into a club and who is it they are going to trust the most.

The second idea came from Jim Czupil, Gold’s Gym in Linglestown and Camp Hill, PA. He did a Facebook Live townhall meeting last Saturday with his members. Over 100 of his members were on, he said it was so much fun that he can’t wait to do it again. So at Worx, we’ll be stealing that idea and doing that ourselves here.

Two ways to ensure that members do not become unmoored from your operation and your culture. I greatly encourage you to get this Shutdown Survey going. It takes a day to get you up and running and within 24-48 hours you’ll have a ton of data and a deep understanding of the things you need to do inside of your club. We’ll cross today, well over 100,000 responses on that shutdown survey.

Until we meet again. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe.

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