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Hi, Blair here from MXM. Over 100,000 pieces of feedback have come in from the Shutdown Survey. Again, that window is still open, it’s free to anyone in the fitness industry.

Think beyond the survey, think about the system and the analytics around the data and the ability to drill in and find actionable insights and also workflows, at least if you have people that are not furloughed and can do some high value work.

A couple things, yesterday, on a webinar, I referenced Clayton Christensen, and his 'Jobs To Be Done' Theory. I am not a 'Jobs To Be Done' consultant nor expert, but I am an aficionado. The JTBD Theory, Mr. Christensen says, is that nobody ever purchases a product or service. They only hire a product or service to do a job better, faster, or cheaper than they can do themselves. So you start to think about why do our members hire us? What is the job to be done? And as you are reading member feedback, this can be a way to get deeper insights because now customers are saying things that are different than they would have said before COVID-19.

Right now, in our two gyms, the "extremely likely to return" after we open number is about 91%. When we blend in the "likely to return", it’s about 98%. So they are very eager to come back in but they are saying different things now. When you look at that and say, what is the job they are trying to get done and that now has a measure of safety to it. Not only is it that I need to get my daily workout, for some people, the job might be to lose weight, for others it’s just around needing to center themselves every day by getting a workout in. There are a lot of different jobs to be done when people come into a health club. But now it’s also layered with something else. So think better, faster, cheaper than they can do themselves.

So, who are the competitors to Better, Faster, Cheaper? Well it’s the outdoors, the park, the online. If you can’t name competitors that are not other gyms, then you haven’t thought about 'Jobs To Be Done Theory and that is a critical element. Your member feedback is going to provide you a tremendous about of insight for you to start to innovate around Jobs To Be Done. Now I want you to think beyond COVID-19 and the shutdown. Right now with the ideas that are coming from the shutdown survey…we are spreading rapidly and a lot of people are adopting a lot of those ideas. Think about regular operations, think about a year from now, think about that constant voice of customer coming in constantly and then be thinking about what is the new Job To Be Done?

It is that voice of customer that will drive your improvements in your innovation forever because the world is going to be changing constantly. Not just around COVID-19, but around everything. There’s gonna be new innovations because of COVID-19, that’s going to affect how we all operate. Your voice of customer and constantly thinking about what is the Job that I can help them do….why should they hire me to do something better, faster cheaper than they can do themselves.

That’s it, stay distant, stay active, stay safe and we’ll see you on the next one!

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