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Hi, Blair here with MXM. We have just over 115,000 pieces of feedback from almost 600 clubs now using our free shutdown survey system or member feedback system I should say. A couple of interesting data points: About 68% of respondents are extremely likely (9's & 10's) to come back in and continue to exercise as soon as the shutdown is over. Only about 35% of respondents say that they are confident maintaining their exercise routine while your club is shut down. Now it is important for you to get your own numbers. Ours differ, at least on the likelihood on return, we’re running around 90% on likely to return but still about the middle of the pack on maintaining an exercise routine.

Now we believe that the purpose of our industry is to create exercise habits and now I’m feeling a little bit like I’m letting folks down here in the Wentatchee Valley because we’re not doing a better job of helping them maintain their exercise routine at home. It does have me very curious, there is a group of clubs who have quite a few of their locations in the top 25 or 30 spots and so what I’m going to do is reach out to those clubs and find out, is this a demographic thing? What are they doing different and better than the rest of us? Maybe it’s something  we can get them to share. Listen,you need to get your own feedback, it’s extremely actionable, we’ll be going into our fourth round of this, sending out the invitations to provide feedback. We just did another update to our community and to our members and each week we do a new update talking to people about what they can expect when they come back in. This is the most powerful marketing you can do. Alright. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe.

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