Spend On Building Trust!


Hi Blair here with MXM in our Wenatchee location this morning. Just finished my weight workout. 1,228 consecutive days of working out or exercise with the most minimal being 30-45 minute recovery ride on a Sunday!

Anyway, the best I think that clubs could be doing right now while you are shut down... and some clubs are reopening in some states, others are a long ways from reopening... is to be increasing your marketing spend, if you can. Negotiating with those folks that carry your marketing whether it’s TV, Radio, or Print to maybe move the bill out a ways might help; but doubleing up right now on your marketing spend is smart. Your spending will be about building trust. Now... that’s going to be hard if you weren’t trusted going into this shutdown but if you have a trusted brand... if you are making changes and listening to your customer then closing that loop back out with your marketplace by saying "we heard you", and you are demonstrating that active listening by letting them know what changes you are making and understanding the fears of your customer in your marketplace, you WILL be building trust.

As as you are building trust during this shutdown and it’s time for people to go someplace, even though some still have fears, they are going to go to the place that they feel is the most authentic. The one they trust the most. At least that’s where most of the customers will go. This will give you an edge up on your competitors. Part of me wishes I never called this the "Shutdown Survey", it should have been "Shutdown Feedback System", as its not just about the survey, it’s about the reporting the analytics. It’s about the benchmarketing and right now with almost 600 clubs live and almost 120k pieces of feedback, it’s important that you know where you are in the greater marketplace out there. To know how you stack up against all these other clubs.

There is still time for this as we are now getting ready to start rolling out our Healthy Club Survey that will also be free to the industry. So we really encourage you to get on board, have the benchmarking, have the deep analytics, have the expert advice and help that we can actually provide to you. In the meantime, stay distant, stay active, stay safe.

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