Restart Feedback System


Hi! Blair here with MXM.

When you are trying to operationalize your member experience and when I say that I mean, understand your member experience on a day to day basis and be able to take immediate one-on-one action with that customer, use that information in team meetings so that teams can be better guided by the experience of the members. You want to use the themes to have better strategic decisions about your product which is the member experience.

I want you to think very strategically, especially as you start thinking about reopening and restarting. Know the themes that were happening before this shutdown. You want to have a deep understanding of that member during the shutdown…we've had well over 120,000 responses with almost 600 clubs give feedback now. There has to be continuity.

Do not just go back to what you were doing when you reopen. Whatever you were doing to understand that member experience whether it was pure net promotor score or something else, that needs to fundamentally change. You need to ask the customer different questions. We understand what those are, we’ve already developed this Restart Feedback System based on the themes we saw going into the shutdown, what’s happened during the shutdown and what is going to be most important to your customer coming out of the shutdown. It is so incredibly important that you are recognizing the latent need of a customer so when you look at voice of customer and you hear them say things like, “it’s incredibly important to me that other members clean the equipment” or “it's incredibly important to me that you uphold the new etiquette that you are putting in place”. What they are saying is “keep me safe”. They are not going to ask you to put in Airfix or to use MyShield because they don’t know that they even exist…yet. But as companies are recognizing that the latent need for the customer is to feel safe, they started to deploy those products…weeks ago. B2B marketing is the new B2C marketing. Now what companies are doing is looking at some of these technologies sold to us and we’re taking that marketing and we’re passing that through to the customer now in order to tap into that latent need.

That latent need is “Keep me safe”, you’ll probably overindex on that. That’s ok. You will probably bounce back much faster than others if you overindex and recoup your investment on that. It is so important to understand what you should be measuring and then how you should be looking at that data coming out of this shutdown. We’re here for you.

Our Restart product will be free to everybody in the industry just like the Shutdown was. People have asked me to send the survey, I’m not doing that anymore. We can demo the system for it but I’m not sending it out any more. I’ve seen too many people do knock offs of it and not get very good data from it because they don’t have the right mining tools or they don’t know why the questions were set the way there were in the first place. That’s it, until then stay distant, stay active, stay safe.

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