Experience Is The Leading Indicator!


Hi, Blair here with MXM. This week I’ve been on Webinars with club owners that have already been open for just over a week. So far, very optimistic. These webinars have been very well attended. Lots of awesome questions from people who are on the webinar watching. Early things like the first week expect 25% - 35% of visits that you had this time last year. Second week grows 45% - 50%. Membership sales are stronger. Members are very respectful. Everybody cleaning, everybody following the new etiquette. All of that is an early indication of perhaps having a strong bounce back.

The reason people are in there and hunting for this information is that we are all trying to demystify what reopening actually looks like and demystification happens when you get some good leading indicators. When you don’t just live through it and then retrospectively say... "what the hell happened", you can get some good leading indicators from other areas that will give you great judgement, especially where there is a lot of market dynamics.

So, what are some of the dynamics in what I just said? Well, going from 25% to 50% in a week on visits.  What will it look like when it goes to 75% - 100%? Another dynamic is membership sales being brisk. Why are they brisk? Are the other clubs not open? Are people just tired of sitting at home? There are a lot of market dynamics and that means when there is dynamics, there are a lot of unknowns and you have to have leading indicators. That’s what the member experience is. It is the leading indicator, it is the pulse of what’s happening in any organization in fitness or hospitality or telco. Getting member experience data on a regular and ongoing basis is the instrument panel that allows you to fight or fly the fighter jet at full speed. Without those leading indicators, you are flying without instruments. So as you come out of this you MUST have an indication of what’s happening, what the market dynamics are. Your members will say when, wait a minute, I see you had good news, you went up to 105% of visits and you’ve sold memberships briskly but now I have some fears about that.

Another market dynamic...there’s no "vaccine". Well, there IS a "vaccine", there’s SO MANY things that are going to be expressed in how your members think and feel as you come through this. We now have over 125,000 pieces of feedback on the shutdown survey. We have just finalized and are going to market (for free) with our Reopen Healthy Club Survey that anyone in the industry can have and we’ll show you how to run it. After that, as you go into regular operations; because this is a forever thing, be watching the member experience, be looking at your leading indicators. Member experience is the gas gauge, it’s the temperature, it’s the amperage, it’s what tells you how to steer the car, how fast to go etc.

That’s it. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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