Three Ways To Improve Experience


Hi, Blair McHaney here with MXM and over the weekend I was given a set of questions for an "e-interview" on NPS – Net Promoter System – as some would refer to it, and one of the questions was "what are the top things that an organization or company can do to influence their NPS?" and I’ll hold out there for you that I’m thinking of it differently, which is the first thing you should do. Don’t think about influencing your NPS. Let the NPS go where it may. Use a great voice of customer system to influence the behaviors, to influence change in your organization. What you are trying to do is improve the member experience in order to increase a customer loyalty or member loyalty and return on investment... so you are making more money. You’ll see that your NPS is going up when you are looking at your financials. Your EBIDA might be going up as you become more profitable and manage expenses differently. It’s the same thing for NPS.

I’m going to give you the top three things that help improve experience. First is leadership. Leadership that really cares about the member experience. Stop thinking about NPS and start thinking about the member experience and the member journey and what you can do to ensure that policies, business practices and processes all happen for the customer and not to the customer. Leadership that has a vision of member experience, leadership that can articulate that vision to every role at the company.

The next thing that you need is really great technology that can understand and turn chaos into clarity. It can demystify the entire member experience and that’s what MXM does. We demystify the member experience so that you have clarity and the right metrics in order to effectively manage it. You also need to humanize it. You have to take it right down to individual commentary. I don’t care how big your organization is, if you are not humanizing your voice of customer system, you are probably not making the right changes.

The last thing I would say is an intense curiosity and a relentlessness need to get better... every. single. day. Those are the top three things.

For now, stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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