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Hi, Blair here with MXM, last video I was talking about influencing NPS and I made the point that you are better off not thinking about influencing NPS, you are better off thinking about your member experience which increases member loyalty which brings a return on investment. While you are increasing that experience, you’ll see NPS go up if the experience is getting better but it’s really the number of changes you make continuously to improve member experience.

The dialog that you have with your members continuously to understand the skills and behaviors of your front lines might not be aligning with member experience or your member experience vision. So... I said the first thing was leadership that can really articulate a clear vision for member experience and then make it relevant through everybody in the organization. At Worx, our customer experience vision has always been that we will be THE customer experience benchmark regardless of industry or price point. That’s always been ours, and there is no wiggle room in that. We constantly are driving to improve and I’m standing here next to a brand new rack, we had great customer feedback through our MXM Platform and while we are shutdown we are actually changing out some racks to some new ones that are combination Smith machine squat rack/bench press and they’ll be very uniform in here. That’s because we are constantly listening. We are constantly investing in that member experience. I think that’s what’s helped us survive in what most people would call a "D" market here in Central Washington, a very rural part of the state of Washington. 

So the first thing is leadership that can define a customer experience vision, can articulate the vision well and can make it relevant to every role in the company. In the next video, I’ll talk about how to make that relevant for each role in the company....

Alright, until then, stay distant, stay active, stay safe.

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