Demystifying the Member Experience


Hi there. This is Blair with MXM. Last video I was talking about how leaders need to have a strong customer experience vision and be able to articulate that to the whole organization and then be able to manage it throughout the entire organization. Doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 gyms or just one club; This is how you influence the organization to behave in a way that is member centric and also improve member experience, increase member loyalty, drive ROI, and by the way... influence your NPS.

Let’s start with what you would measure at the top of the organization if your only vision was to be wildly profitable, you’d start at the top and probably measure EBIDA and gross revenue. Now lets say the customer experience comes into that and it’s part of your strategy...maybe your statement is that you are going to be the customer experience benchmark regardless of price point or industry…what would you measure at the top? When you are looking at the financial metric, we understand what that is and we also understand what tracks up to that so that we have all the metrics that we can manage and we know what to do. We also know when to seek financing to drive those numbers. We know what expenses to look at to drive those numbers and so on. What about member experience? So, some metric has to pull sway at the top of what you measure along with EBIDA and gross revenue growth and probably net membership sold and so on. There are those top line metrics, and I will hold out that I think NPS should be that top line metric for the organization. Now you can trickle down NPS and of course, if you have multiple locations, you should.

So what is the NPS of each of your locations, how do they rank, what happens in the lower scoring ones, what happens in the higher scoring ones. But you still have to make this information relevant down to the ground level and that’s where, when I talk about skills and behavior in the purchase journey for the customer…you need a member experience strategy and know what’s important. For instance, is your customer greeted? Are they shown around? Are they offered something or did somebody makes a suggestion that makes sense to them? Those are the kinds of behaviors we’re looking for. But don't forget the skills…did they feel valued, welcomed, listened to? So when you start to understand the certain "job" that a customer is trying to get done, you are playing it out in a way that supports that customer experience vision.

So when I talk about demystifying the member experience, that’s what we do. We give clarity to chaos. We demystify the member experience...and by the way as you are reopening... our Reopen Healthy Club Feedback System is free to anybody in the industry. Go to and check it out. Stay distant, stay active, stay safe!

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